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Coaching will allow you to…

  • Take control of your life
  • Be clear about what you want
  • Set and achieve compelling goals
  • Improve your relationships at home and in the workplace
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Improve work / life balance
Why Choose Healthy and Wealthy

Why work with
Healthy and Wealthy?

Working with a business coach, whether as a dental practice owner, associate or team member, or as a business owner from any market sector will enable you to focus on what you want to achieve. If you are unsure of your focus we will work with you to hone and clarify your aims. Together we will set realistic, timed goals to fit with your desired outcomes, to mark the progress towards your ultimate aim.

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It can work for you too…

Dr Jane Lelean…

Today Dr Jane Lelean is a successful international business coach and trainer working with clients in 57 market sectors. With her background as a dentist and experience of running her own successful practice, she has a passion for working with dental practices and their teams. Jane works with clients all over UK, Eire, Europe and as far away as Australia.

It wasn’t always that way, some years ago Dr Jane Lelean was a happy dentist focusing on the clinical aspect of the practice and her patients. She then discovered a member of staff was embezzling significant sums of money and had the sudden realisation that she knew how to deliver great dentistry and not know how to run a sucessful business.

It wasn’t until Jane worked with her first coach, attended business training seminars and read many many business books she learnt how to do it better. Jane quickly found she could earn a good income, have the time and energy to run the business, deliver great dentistry and live a fulfilling life outside work. Very soon the business was generating 450K per annum, as a single handed practice, providing high quality general dentistry, whilst Jane had a three day weekend every weekend.

Now Jane works with dental practice owners and their teams, entrepreneurs and individuals, like you, showing them how they too can have the time, money and energy to live balanced fulfilling lives.

Dr Jane Lelean at Healthy & Wealthy is the first and only dentist to be awarded Professional Certified coach status by the International Coach Federation , she is also a member of the Association for Coaching and approved by the Institute of Healthcare Managers.

Jane has gained over 20 years’ experience of running a business and being involved in patient care as a dentist and business owner. Jane draws on her knowledge and experience of running her practice as a sucessful business working as a dental business coach and trainer working with dental practices; enabling them to achieve success in all aspects of running their business, from leadership, through to finances, time management, customer services and building a great team. If you want to work with a coach who is a leader in her field who understand business from personal experience, work with Healthy and Wealthy.

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Clients are key…

Healthy and Wealthy has a long list of happy Clients who have discovered the difference that a good coach can make to their lives and businesses.

Jane thinks outside the box and enables you to do the same, realising your potential by intuitive facilitation. Highly recommended. Helen Wilson

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