Some titles of books, audios and CD’s that my clients and I have found extremely useful.
(*) indicates essential reading.

If you too have read a book that has had a big impact on you and your life, please let me know, so I can read it and recommend it to others

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Creating a powerful vision

(*) The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
ISBN 0-684-85839-8
Steven Covey
(*) The E Myth Revisited
Michael E. Gerber
Manifest Your Destiny
ISBN 0-7225-3602-x
Wayne Dyer
Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting
ISBN 0-340-83446-3

Planning the time to plan

First Things First
ISBN 0-671-71283-7
Steven Covey
Get Everything Done and Still Have Time to Play
ISBN 0-340-74620-3
Mark Forster

Taking control of your finances

(*)Rich Dad Poor Dad
ISBN 0-7515-3271-1
Robert T. Kiyosaki.
Think And Grow Rich
ISBN 978-1-59280-260-9
Napoleon Hill
The Courage To Be Rich
ISBN 1-57322-906-7
Suze Orman
Money For Life
ISBN 0-340-76786-3
Alvin Hall.
Your Money Or Your Life
ISBN 0-340-82320-8
Alvin Hall
The Soul Millionaire
ISBN 1-905430-12-4
David J Scarlett
The Money Gym
ISBN 0-9545681-8-4
I Can Make You Rich
ISBN 978-0-593-05537-3
Paul Mckenna

Inspirational leadership

(*) The Naked Leader
ISBN 1-84112-423-0
David Taylor
The Fantastic Boss
ISBN 0-9546083-1-3
Alan Austin-Smith
The Power Of Servant Leadership
ISBN 1-57675-035-3
ISBN 1-57675-031-0
Joseph Jaworski
Principle Centred Leadership
ISBN 0-684-85841-X
Stephen Covey
Who Moved My Cheese?
ISBN 0-0918-1697-1
Dr S Johnson
How To Win Friends And Influence People
ISBN-13 978-0749307844
Shackleton’s Way
ISBN 1-85788-318-7
Morrell & Capparell
Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion
ISBN 978- 0 06-124189-5
Robert Cialdini

Building an outstanding team and communication

Charisma – The Art Of Relationships
ISBN 13-978-883407-10-0
Michael Grinder
The Fantastic Hairdresser
ISBN 0-9546083-0-5
Alan Austin-Smith
Secrets Of The People Whisperer
ISBN 184413563-2
Perry Wood
The Perfect Appraisal
ISBN 0-09-940626-8
Great Communication = Great Production
ISBN 0-87814-831-0
Cathy Jameson.

Delivering exceptional customer service

(*)The E Myth Revisited
ISBN 0-88730-728-0
Michael E. Gerber.
Great Communication = Great Production
ISBN 0-87814-831-0
Cathy Jameson.

Effortlessly effective selling

(*) Helping Patients To Say Yes Latter & Newsome
Getting Business To Come To You
ISBN 0-87477-845-X
Edwards & Douglas
Selling For Dummies
ISBN 1-56884-389-5
Tom Hopkins
Selling The Invisible
ISBN 0-75282-103-2
Personality Selling
ISBN 096677323-3

Successful low cost marketing

The Brand You 50
ISBN 0-375-40772-3
Tom Peters
Hug Your Customers, Love The Results
ISBN 0-141-01522-5
Jack Mitchell
Get Clients Now
ISBN 13-978-0-8144-7374-0
C J Hayden
Fill Your Acupuncture Practice In 100 days
ISBN 0-9787207-0-9

Impeccable systems

(*) Building The Happiness Centred Business
ISBN 0-646-21274-5
Paddi Lund.
(*) The E Myth Revisited
Michael E. Gerber.
Profitable Dental Practice
ISBN 1-85775-966-4
Chris Barrow and Phil Newsome

Balance between work, rest and play

Life Launch. A Passionate Guide To The Rest Of Your Life
Hudson and McLean
The Artists Way
ISBN 0-330-34358-0
Julia Cameron.

Enhanced relationship skills

Man Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
ISBN 0-7225-2840-X
John Gray
The Surrendered Wife
ISBN 0-7432-0917-6
Laura Doyle
What Your Mother Couldn’t Tell You And Your Father Didn’t Know ISBN 978-0060171629 John Gray
How to Be an Adult in Relationships
ISBN 1-57062-812-2
David Richo

Personal Growth

How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci
ISBN 0-440-50827-4
Michael Gelb
The Consolations of Philosophy
ISBN 0-241-14009-9
Alain De Botton.
The Meaning of Things
ISBN 0-297-60758-8
AC Grayling.
The Mind Map Book
ISBN 0-563-47801-1
Tony and Barry Buzan
Six Thinking Hats
ISBN 0-14-029666-2
Edward De Bono

Personal insight and self discovery

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
ISBN 0-684-85839-8
Steven Covey
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
ISBN 0-00-719571-0
Robin Sharma
The Road Less Travelled
M Scott Peck
The Four Agreements
ISBN 1-8784-31-9
Don Miguel Ruiz
The Rules Of Life
ISBN 0-273-70625- X
Richard Templar
Jonathan Livingstone Seagull
ISBN 0-00-649034-4
Richard Bach
The Celestine Prophecy
ISBN 0-553-40902-6
James Redfield
The Work We Were Born To Do
ISBN 1-86204-552-6
Nick Williams
Authentic How to Make A Living by Being Yourself
ISBN 1-84112-519-9
Neil Crofts
Master Your Inner Critic Release Your Wisdom
ISBN 978-1-84024-630-8
Melanie Greene
The Wisdom Of The Enneagram
ISBN 0-553-37820-1
Riso & Hudson
Spiritual Intelligence
ISBN 0-340-76846-0
Michal Levin.
Taming Your Gremlin
ISBN 0-06-096102-3
Richard D. Carson
Natural Born Winners
ISBN 0-09-947667-3
Robin Seiger
The Art of Possibility
ISBN 0-14-200110-4
Rosamund and Ben Zander
ISBN 0-7513-3636-x
Michal Levin.


(*) Fierce Conversations
ISBN 0-7499-2397-0
Susan Scott
(*) The Portable Coach
ISBN 0-684-85041-9
Thomas J. Leonard
(*) Co-active Coaching
ISBN 978 089106198-4
Whitworth, Kimsey-House,Kimsey-House, Sandahl
The Coaching Bible
ISBN 0-7499-2623-6
McDermott & Jago
The Naked Coach David Taylor
Your Inner Coach
ISBN 0-7499-2482-9
McDermott & Jago
Coach Yourself To Success
ISBN 0-8092-2537-9
Talane Mieddaner


(*) NLP Workbook
ISBN 0-00-710003-5
Joseph O’Connor
(*) Coaching With NLP
ISBN 0-00-715122-5
O’Connor & Lages
Brilliant NLP
ISBN 978-0-373-71493-4
Molden & Hutchinson
Awaken The Giant Within
ISBN 0-7434-0938-8
Anthony Robbins
Unlimited Power
ISBN 978-0-7434-0939-1
Anthony Robbins
Manage Yourself Manage Your Life Ian Mc Dermott & Ian Shircore
The NLP Coach
ISBN 0-7499-2277
Ian McDermott & Wendy Jago
The Way Of NLP
ISBN 0-00-711020-0
O’Connor & McDermott


NLP and Health
ISBN 0-7225-3288-1
Ian McDermott & Joseph O’Connor
You Too Can Do Health
ISBN 978-1-904312-30-7
Olive Hickmott & Sarah Knighton
Heal Your Body
ISBN 978-0-937611-35-7
Louise Hay
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