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Sometimes what’s needed in a business or for a business professional is a short course of coaching and support to get you going.

Coaching will help you gain clarity over your business goals, your life goals, how to integrate this into a strategic and workable business plan and finally how to implement what you need to do in order to achieve.

So, now you know that working with a coach will help you build, grow and develop your business what can you do to get started?

Join my “Constant Coach” program today

The simplest way to start your journey is to sign up on my “Constant Coach” virtual directed coaching program which lasts an astonishing 10 weeks. On this program you will receive a series of 10 e-mails, worksheets, questionnaires and analysis which will go through:

  1. Where are you on the ‘tree of possibility’ and what are you going to do to make those changes?
  2. What your values and qualities are that define you and your practice, you can then use these to motivate yourself and your team.
  3. Eliminating tolerations for a liberated business life.
  4. Your ‘services’ reviewed. You will take an in-depth questionnaire to discover what you are doing well and what needs improving.
  5. Evaluating your patient journey. You will analyse your business for service to see if you score 80/100  or above, will you?
  6. Are you a business leader? Take an analysis to find out how when you score compared to the others.
  7. Discovering your ‘purpose’. Take my in-depth analysis to discover your purpose and how to develop it for increased business opportunities.
  8. Your life needs to be in balance, relationships, health, business and family all need to balance with one another. Take this analysis to see how your life balances and understand where you can make changes.
  9. 100 habits for financial success. Your financial situation will improve if you complete this questionnaire every 30 days, but what changes should you make?
  10. Full practice evaluation. This section is a lengthy and detailed analysis of your entire practice function.

The information contained in the 10 weeks of virtual directed coaching above is worth £800 if you were to purchase it all separately.

And if receiving all of this is not enough, you will also get FREE direct access e-mail coaching and advice for the entire ten-week period – this is worth an additional £200.

Finally you will also receive a voucher for £100 off a one hour phone coaching session with me – normal price £300, but with this voucher £200

This is what you get

  1. 10 weeks of virtual directed coaching worth £800

  2. 10 weeks of direct access e-mail coaching worth £200

  3. A voucher for a discount on a phone coaching session worth £100

This package is therefore worth £1100 and you get all of this for an astonishing one off payment of £47+vat… The program starts on demand as soon as you click the following button.

All this for £47 +vat

Please click the Pay Now Button to get started

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