Customer service tips for dentists

Maintaining customer satisfaction costs very little and ensures your current patients remain loyal, are more likely to opt for additional treatments and entices referrals. Below are some top tips for delivering the WOW factor to your patients…

Build an award-winning team

  • Be really clear about roles, responsibility, accountability and feedback
  • Be really specific about how you want your staff to represent you
  • Invest in staff training, motivation and team building
  • Conduct quarterly staff reviews for all team members
  • Ensure there is a written system for everything within the practice
  • Ensure your team understands the term “value added service” and they go the extra mile for the patients
  • Have fun, share staff occasions and celebrations

Deliver an awesome customer experience

  • Welcome all patients warmly, greeting them by name.
  • Answer the telephone professionally and with a smile
  • Listen to your patients, establish relationships and ask for their feedback
  • Ensure patients understand that their safety, comfort and satisfaction are paramount
  • Anticipate patients concerns and take pre-emptive action to prevent complaints
  • If complaints occur resolve them quickly, exceeding the patient’s expectations
  • Contact your patients regularly with a newsletter, special offers and request referrals
  • Thank each patient who makes a referral personally and with a token gift

The practice

  • Make sure all staff wear a smile at all times
  • Make sure all aspects of the building, team and literature represent you well
  • Make sure the practice is clean, well maintained and organised
  • Make sure all staff are well presented, with clean, well maintained uniforms
  • Make sure all plants are healthy and magazines are current and in good condition
  • Ensure surgery noises don’t encroach in to waiting areas
  • Play relaxing music in all areas
  • Ensure that the practice smells inviting
  • Offer patients refreshments whilst they wait
  • Offer appointment times to suit the patients, early mornings and late nights

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