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The mint alliance brings you the whole specialist team to ensure a healthy practice for life.

Jane Lelean is proud to be a member of the Mint Alliance which is a growing group of leading business and marketing professionals who deliver expert services to Dentists and Practice Managers. We’ll offer you expertise, knowledge, community, friendship, ideas and support, not to mention fun!

When ever you work with a Mint Alliance partner you have a unique opportunity to tap in to the resources of the collective knoweldge of the alliance, ensuring you get the very best out of your working relationship with your chosen partner. So if you work with Mark on your online marketing, he has unqiue access to a range of other quality services that will also benefit your practice, if you so wish.

Mint Dental Allliance Experts

Kate Adam – Mint Marketing

Alex Nicolaou – Mint Branding

Dr Jane Lelean  – Institute of dental business

Ray Goodman – Goodman Legal

Mark Oborn – Mark Oborn Ltd

Gary Bettis – Design Clinic

Heather Salter – Jigsaw HR

Lily Head – Lily Head Ltd

Mark Combes – Minster Cleaning Services

Paul Holborn – Blue Sky People

Sarah Fiddaman – Practical Practice Support

Lesley Bailey – Privilege Plan

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