Client testimonials

“New way of thinking about and approaching dentistry management!”
M. Keady Dental Principal, Norwich

“Interesting and applicable to work and life situations”
M. Keady Dental Principal, Norwich

“Jane is a solid PCC (Professional Certified coach), on her way to mastery. Thank you for the on going commitment to excellence in all that you do Jane. It is clearly reflected in your being as a coach.”

International Coaching Federation – Examiner

“I have just opened a squat private dental practice, which has been the culmination of several years of planning and plotting. However, a couple of coaching sessions with ‘Healthy and Wealthy’ has really helped me focus on the key issues. Jane has a wonderful and friendly manner, but she has a way of really distilling an issue into the salient points and help me think through the way forward. Excellent.”

Roy Dixon , Principal Dentist Augusta Dental Leamington Spa

I have had the pleasure of being one of Jane’s clients. Jane radiates a combination of fun, laughter, gentleness and strength.
As a coach she is excellent. She builds great rapport, which enables her to do deep transformational work. She supported me through a bleak period of my life. She used insightful questions to tease out the root issues and she encouraged me to make some fundamental changes.
She is flexible and challenging, supportive and caring.
She is creative and facilitates life changing learning. She met my learning needs and style in every way.
I cherished her as my coach and I know you will too.

Chris Bush Learning and Development Manager Hampshire

At times supportive, at times challenging, but always caring and compassionate. Jane has the knack of hearing what you say, and what you don’t, and forming just the right question to provide you with clarity and choice. Her holistic approach moves from business to personal issues with amazing elegance and I have no reservations in commending her to you whatever your coaching needs.

Peter Oliver Managing Director Accelerated Development Solutions Limited London

Personal Testimonial
Jane helped me resolve a long term behavioural habit that was damaging my personal confidence, when meeting people for the first time. Using NLP techniques, Jane helped me to ‘retrain’ my behaviour to ensure it happens less often and as time has gone by it hardly happens at all now.

Karen Moule Director

Business Testimonial
Jane took several hours to help identify my core personal values and the impact these have on my working life. She helped me realise that when I am not being true to these values, it actually made me feel uncomfortable in my life, which had a knock on effect in my relationships with those around me. Jane also helped to clarify the path that my business would take, making it more ‘real’ and making me understand the steps I need to put in place to make this path become reality – and thereby creating a set of goals for me to achieve along the way. A huge help. Thanks for the clarity.

K.M. Aylesbury.

Thank you very much for all your help in supporting me with my anxiety towards exams. I sat my first two in politics yesterday and although I felt quite nervous beforehand, I was calm and confident during both papers. I didn’t feel sick at all and although quite tired afterwards, I felt good about how it went.

I really enjoyed working with you and your warm approachable attitude has really helped me to achieve my goals.

Ellie Shepherd. Buck

What price can you put on a summer’s breeze softly blowing through your hair?
-The sound of a gentle wave lapping at your toes?
-Joyous birdsong on a sunny spring morning?
What price can you put on piece of mind?

After one short session with Jane Lelean I found myself shedding long unwanted fears. Her approach was patient and compassionate. I was shown a path that I could further travel along.

What price can you put on freedom?
-All these things are priceless.

Julie Horner. Bucks

I was living my life with a heavy burden of a manager that treated me badly in the past. It was just a constantly being relived in my head. In the coaching by Jane, she helped me with a forgiveness process in which I had to let go all the expectations I had towards this man. It felt like a relief. Jane really guided me with a loving and strong feeling. The remarkable thing is, that in a few weeks time, I met him on several occasions, and had really friendly talks with him. Just as if he had also made a step.

I would strongly suggest you to visit Jane for any work or health question you have; she will help you on your path.

Bart Verhaagen, Managing Director, The Crux, Netherlands

My coaching sessions with Jane have been extremely useful in my daily life at work.
Jane has:
enabled me to have a more open and accepting perspective on my own qualities and skills
empowered me with strategies and advice to improve my skills as a manager.

I would recommend coaching with Jane because her positive and practical approach has had a lasting effect on my life.

H.Golding BEng(Hons)
Technical Development Manager, Bucks

Jane is an inspirational coach. Her eclectic style enables her to move easily between life, performance and health issues. The humour she brings into her coaching style provides a non threatening way to move things forward. If you want lasting positive change, choose Jane as your coach.

LD, Health Service Manager and NLP Coach

“Jane can ask the right questions at the right moment in order to get a shift in thinking to a more positive frame of mind”.

Kush, London

I started working with Jane as I wanted to achieve a long held intention of building my own business and I wanted to overcome the obstacles that were preventing my success.
Following a few weekly coaching calls with Jane, the website and business cards were completed my business was up and running, and continues to be so. In addition I also achieved a long-held desire to purchase a property in Tuscany!

If you want to make a difference, enjoy an enhanced quality of life and be empowered to succeed, Healthy and Wealthy is for you

David Jones, London

The impact of Working with Jane:

The coaching made me much healthier, because it gave more insight about what my body’s signals were about. Jane gave me tools/exercises to maintain a healthy state.
I would recommend Jane as your coach because of her capacity of totally being there for me as a client and really listening to me.

J.v.T physio-therapist in companies: as an advisor for making company plans and health coach, Holland

Just wanted to say thank you for today. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting but I do feel it was very useful. It has helped me to ‘see the wood from the trees’ and, like most problems, I knew the answers already but needed that objectivity to bring them to the fore.

Thanks again and best wishes,

Thanks a lot for yesterday, that was really helpful.

Working with Jane was an excellent experience for me as it truly helped me to concentrate on the goals that I really wanted in life, which boiled down to me being HAPPY. By achieving the goals that I desirer this will make me a happier person. Having sessions with Jane has really encouraged me to having a more positive attitude towards my life and my business. I feel that I am more confident and voice my opinions clearly because they are my ideas and should not go unnoticed. All in all I feel that having this new positive outlook allows me to focus on the positive which makes my objectives more achievable.

Thanks very much Jane for all your help, working with you has really made me think differently about approaching issues that are likely to rise in life with a pinch of salt. I have not only seen a difference in myself, so have others like friends and family, have noticed that I seem more optimistic now. I am working on the foundations of starting by business and definitely believe that I am on the right track

V. J-L.

A text from James Hamill of Blue Apple, Belco, Northern Ireland,to Chris Barrow at Breathe Business

“Just dropped Jane at airport. She was brilliant. We all had a great day. Coaching top notch, great delivery, a day full of moments of disproportionate pleasure and a great addition to Breathe. Many thanks for your recommendation, enjoy your evening. James and Sonya.”

I found Jane to be friendly & professional. She put Julia & I at ease right away & helped us to get into a relaxed, safe & comfortable space.
She helped us to see the wood for the trees & step out of the box.

Since my meeting with her (and my personal coaching sessions) I have become a stronger more confident person in my personal & professional life using all the tools Jane gave me to become a good leader & manager.

I now see that I am a very integral member of the practice & that what I do is important to the day to day running of the business. Everyone has their own strengths & positive attributes & mine compliment my role as manager here. Some people can do my job but no-one can do it the way I do it & I’m proud of that – Jane has helped me to see this in myself.
I know Jane has many strings to her bow but in a Business Coach capacity would recommend her to anyone wanting to change their life!

Julie Webster Dental Practice Manager S10 Sheffield

I’ve really appreciated your help this year – the coaching has left my mind ticking over with matters we discussed at the time: you made me ask myself some important questions. Not saying I found the answers yet, but I’m getting there!

A.K. London

“I have used business coaches for many years and Jane definitely deserves her reputation as one of the best. Her friendly, approachable nature enables her to ask the difficult, yet important, questions that we need to ask of ourselves in order for us, and our businesses to grow. I timed my last session with Jane to coincide with a plan I had for writing my 2009 strategy. It worked wonders as I bounced out of Jane’s beautiful office, full of energy and renewed enthusiasm for my work, and within days I had committed my annual strategy to paper and it is a working document. Not only that but I am now enjoying the most successful time in terms of both productivity levels and bookings, since Magic Dust was launched! Thanks Jane, you have another fan in me!

Tammy Willson, Business Owner

You are a fantastic coach, and I only hear stories of how much of a positive difference you make to other people’s lives.

BK Business Owner Aylesbury Bucks

Thank you so much for this morning again – as always you know exactly the right things to say and ask, to keep me focused and motivated……and to stop me from going pop! Don’t know what I’d do without you.

PJ Hertfordshire

Thank you very much indeed for an excellent training session on Friday, which I thought went very well; I was very impressed both with your presentation and presentation skills- it was relaxed and confident, not to overloaded. It has given us much to work on. Thank you both for your time, and your effort

MR Oxfordshire

Thank you Jane for our sessions. I will highly recommend you as a
Skilful, competent and intuitive coach that supports growth in the areas of interest.

Patrik Vanchaska, London W4

Jane there is so much I could say but really all I think I need to say is Thank You!
Well where do I start!
My productivity at work has increased so much that I am no longer stressed about my workload and I am enjoying it more.
I have read 3 books (the first being one I started 5 months ago and had sat by my bed gathering dust).
Brian (hubby) noticed the difference the afternoon I got home from seeing you! And has commented that I am much much better.
I have said ‘no’ at least 3 times to things that would have p***d me off if I had been roped in to doing them.
The other night we were watching TV and I laughed out loud for the first time in months.
I could go on but I think you get the picture…

Angela (Accountant Bucks)

The most extraordinary thing happened that very week – you may remember that I had mentioned my daughter and how I would very much like her to come for a session for her claustrophobia.
You suggested as I left that I watch for changes in her – well that very week came home and announced that she was going to the cinema and out for supper on the Friday evening with her mates – this is a girl who has not eaten out for 3 years and hates the cinema with a vengeance – she now loves both and we are very poor parents as a result !!!!

In addition we both went in lifts when on holiday this summer Lu going up the CN tower in a glass lift with a glass floor – one of the tallest buildings in the world.

The change in both of us is amazing and I still surprise myself by responding to situations in a way that is so liberating – its great

JG Brunel University (client and daughter were previously claustrophobic)

Thank you once again for the fabulous business coaching session that we had.

Having not had any one-to-one business coaching before, I wasn’t entirely sure I knew what to expect, but you soon put me at ease and gave me the opportunity to use the time to focus on an area of my business which required attention – namely, how to generate new clients.

You have given me some new tools to achieve just that – using my previous work contacts, ensuring that I get testimonials and referrals from current clients, sending out regular legal updates and newsletters and offering free legal reviews. They seem obvious now, but I couldn’t see the wood for the trees before our conversation. You have also helped me considerably in terms of my confidence. Your suggestion to envisage the potential client’s perspective has been quite revolutionary to me – a simple concept, but extremely effective. Having considered how I would enjoy being contacted by former colleagues for example, I now have the courage to pick up the telephone and talk to them without worrying.

I really enjoyed our discussion and still can’t believe how much ground we covered in just one hour – it was probably one of the most effective training sessions I’ve ever had and I would not hesitate to recommend you – indeed I have already!

Thank you once again and I look forward to working with you further in the future.

SS Lawyer Hertfordshire

Thank you so much for an inspiring session this morning.
I’m so glad I took you up on your offer of a session and I have to say that it was the most useful hour I’ve spent focusing on my business for a long time. I found the session crystallised what I need to do to make my business work for me rather than vice versa. Going through the various exercises has helped me to see exactly what I need to do next to finish off the steps I’ve taken since your inspiring talk at Athena. I can feel that 2010 is going to be a very good year!

PT Pr Agency Hertfordshire

I have worked with Jane for nearly a year now. Having had a team meeting recently to review the achievements of the previous year and the goals for this year, I was struck by how much had been achieved as a direct result of Jane’s input, advice and guidance.

By discussing areas for improvement within my business, and focusing on the specifics to achieve them, I committed to clear goals in these areas by agreed dates. When you run your own business, one of the advantages is that you don’t have a boss to answer to; however having an external person who has an interest in helping you be the best you can be, holding you accountable for your actions, actually makes things happen.

Jane Lelean comes highly recommended for those that want to improve their business, whether financial circumstance outside of anyone’s control and really achieve their goals.

KM Business Owner Buckinghamshire

“I’m still feeling really positive after our session together. You managed to achieve what several very experienced therapists over some years could not. I am seriously impressed by your work. I thought I was going to have to live with the negative programming as nothing seemed to want to shift it but you have enabled me to fly again and in a very pleasurable way. Thank you so very much.”

L. R. Oxfordshire

“I would like to thank Jane for being wonderfully warm and kind. Jane provided me with tools which enabled me to unlock my career thoughts and ideas with relative ease and enjoyment. I now feel that I am standing on the path to what I know will be an exciting and fruitful career. I heartfully recommend her to anyone who needs a gentle nudge or a helping hand on the path of their life’s journey. “

Natasha Rond Oxfordshire

“Working with Jane Lelean has been a revelation. I have struggled with deep emotional issues over many years and seen several therapists but to no avail. When the issues became a block to my moving forward with my business, Jane suggested that we replace the negative programming with positive images. At first I was reluctant to face the darkness but Jane was so sensitive and creative in her approach that I felt completely safe and the whole process was gentle and even enjoyable.

As a therapist myself, I am fascinated by the ease with which Jane managed to help me let go of pain without having to dig uncomfortably into unpleasant memories. As a result, I was able to come away from the meeting feeling much freer in myself and this has continued to be the case ever since.

Jane has also helped me with time management. My diary was chaotic. I was working seven days a week and was becoming a victim of my business. Since employing Jane’s colour coding techniques, I have regained control of my work and, as a result, am enjoying it again.

Thank you, Jane. Your expertise is superb and your beautiful working environment conducive to making real change. You have empowered me to move forward positively with my life and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.”

Laurelle Rond Oxfordshire

“I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for our session last week. As I said several times throughout the day I thought about cancelling as I really couldn’t see how you could help me at this even though I know what an amazing business coach you are I felt this was different and I just couldn’t pull myself out of it. I am so glad I came I still don’t know how you did it but I feel so much better and positive again. I really am focused and have even managed to smile through some of the other stuff over the last few days.
Thank you so much I really appreciate you putting yourself out for me it really did help”

Debbie Buckinghamshire

“When Jane became my business coach I was looking for help in improving my leadership skills in my dental practice. Over the past nine months we have gone on to look at other areas such as time management, selling skills, marketing, compelling vision, communication and business skills. Jane’s combination of dental background and coaching skills have been invaluable to me and given me renewed energy and enthusiasm to take my practice to a higher level. Her own enthusiasm and positivity are infectious and her passion for dentistry is very evident. “

Cormac Dental Practice owner Ireland

“Jane recently gave a two day course in our practice on “Selling – it’s a team game” which was a real eye opener for us. The very next morning, by asking one patient the right question while I waited for her local to work , I “sold” her a treatment plan for TMJ assessment, ortho and whitening that will recoup 75% of the cost of Jane’s course. Instant result!”

Cormac Dental Practice owner Ireland

As the owner of a small business it can be very hard to work out the best strategy to overcome the issues you face. Having wrestled with various knotty issues for many months it was a great relief to talk to Jane. Her clear thinking and no-nonsense approach helped me see simple things I can do to increase my sales and build my business.

Rob Woods, Woods Training

“I have just read your newsletter for the very first time despite receiving them for a while. A very well thought through newsletter.”

Christian Metzner Dentist

“Thanks for the news letter, I receive lots of these sort of emails, but I have to say that this is the most useful ones I have received in a long time.”

Steve Harris

Dental Nurse Milton Keynes

“It was really informative and useful”

N.S. Dentist Milton Keynes

“Jane knows her subject and is very inspiring”

Dental Practice Manager Milton Keynes


Lydia Danga Dental receptionist Milton Keynes

“Useful and motivating”

Carmen Lanzas Dentist Milton Keynes

“It helps :-)

Gemma Gibbins Dental Nurse Milton Keynes

“Very informative”

Danielle Philpott Dental Nurse Milton Keynes

“Excellent course”

Dr Fergus Somers, dentist Wicklow Ireland


Conor Ryan Smiles Dublin

“Excellent, well presented very useful”

DR Kevin McGale Dentist Co Louth Ireland

“Thanks for the seminar it was great”

F.P. Principal Dentist London

“The most important reason to attend a management seminar is to learn how to manage more effectively. On-line seminars are the wave of the future, but mostly the decision’s going to be centered on relevance, timing, and current business needs. This seminar ticks all the boxes.”

Nalia Watson Dentist New Malden Surrey

“THANK YOU so much for your ability to help me see things through different eyes with skills I already have, I am truly blessed.”

S.C. Sussex

“I am thrilled about your insights and amazed how you connect simple dental anatomy with practice management. This is definitely a very unique presentation.”

Rod Ronquillo Dentist Philippines

“Very Worthwhile”
Christian Metzner Dentist Guilford

“WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Blown away is all I can say, you will never know how truly grateful I am for today’s session. You REALLY helped me to see something in such a useful way, you connected with how I learn and I am truly humbled and blessed.”

S C Worthing

“It was inspirational”

K P-Z Shop manager Oxford


Nicola Sizer Dental Rep

“I would like to thank you for yesterday. There have been very few courses
in my life/career that have made such an impact on me. Everything was great
yesterday; meeting you, the venue. The contents of the course and the other
participants. It was an eye opening day and very inspirational. I went away
feeling great.”

Christian Metzner Dentist Guilford

“That was Fab!!!!”

Sarah Fiddaman free lance practice manager

“Thank you so much”

Lubna Husain Dentist Liverpool

“I applied the concept [you taught me] on one patient and managed to convert a £65 filling to £160 filling”

F.P. Dentist London

“I enjoyed meeting up with you. Clearly, from our discussions, you are ahead of the game in thinking about the business and there is clearly a huge amount of accumulated talent and a real passion for what you do.”

Dr Giles Brindley

“Hi Jane, I CAN’T wait to give you all my feedback. I am calling you the “magic Coach” as my dreams are really coming to life whilst working with you!”

Sandra Crathen Worthing

“Since working with you money has been haemorrhaging into my account. Thank you.”

Sandra Crathen

“It is really worth attending”

Dr Deborah Cotter Dentist, Wales

“it was useful and interesting and will be using this information I have learned in the surgery”

Dental Nurse Bangor, Wales

“Interesting and interactive”

Dental Nurse Bangor, Wales

“Helps you understand your patients”

Dr David Roberts, Dentist, Bangor

“Really Good”

Santiago Oliver, Dentist, Bangor

“Thank you very much for a wonderful coaching session. I feel empowered again. I have put your advice into action already had a few surprised faces but it went well.”

Priti Joshi Dentist Harrow

“Thank you for an excellent seminar and handout.”

Priti Joshi Dentist Harrow

“It provided focus and clarity to various options that I was unsure of. Jane has a gentle way of making me understand these myself, and her passion to want to help is obvious”

Alistair Imam Dentist Islington

“Absolutely Fantastic!”

Forouzan Pessian

“Relevant, fulfilling, excellent use of time. Good source of knowledge and ideas. Interesting and valuable.”

L Deacon – Services Manager, Shropshire

“It was very good, really makes you think of how little changes make a big difference.”

Jasmine Welch, Dental Nurse and/ Reception, Shropshire

“It was a time for empowering the team and providing a catalyst for progress, a really good beneficial day”

Dr Catherine Nelson, Principal Dentist Shropshire

“It was very beneficial to enable the practice to fulfil its expectations”

Rebecca Harberdswaithe, H&S Officer Shropshire

“It was something very different enabling dental team to change lives by changing smiles.”

Elizabeth Auger, Dental nurse and Receptionist Shropshire

“This course was very interesting and relevant to our roles”

Petra Polgar Associate Dentist Shropshire

“Very well presented, Informative lots of useful tools to be used and well delivered. Motivating!”

Helen Vickress, Practice Co-ordinator, Shropshire

“It was delivered by a highly competent trainer who was clearly passionate about the message she had and trained in an excellent manner by making people think! “

Jacqueline Barr, dental reception and administration, Shropshire

“Very Useful “

Matt Whyley, Dental nurse and receptionist, Shropshire

“It was amazing, and its made me realise that it is very easy to get my practice working as a team, and getting them all to be more passionate about what we do. It was very useful to my role and the survival of the practice as long as its implemented.”

Angela Medlicott, Dental Reception Manager, Shropshire

“A really informative, eye opening team bonding experience”

Miranda Davies, Dental Training & Development Manager, Shropshire

“Do it! Up to date it’s the most interesting course I have attended”

Lou Archer, Dental nurse and receptionist Shropshire

“It was Fab you will get a lot out of it! Thanks Jane”

Charlotte Ambrazas, Dental Reception, Shropshire

“It has been a very informative day”

Di Bowen, Dental nurse and receptionist, Shropshire

“It was motivating, interesting, very helpful and generally fab in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Natalie Medlicott, Dental nurse and receptionist, Shropshire.

“It was very useful and I learnt a lot”

Jade Farmer, Dental Nurse Shropshire

“I really enjoyed the day, very informative and helped me to think outside the box! That there is more than one way to achieve an outcome.”

Miranda Davies, Dental Training & Development manager, Shropshire.

“Interesting, makes you want to improve your skills”

“It’s better than other practice management courses I’d previously participated in”.

“More focused and created skills and abilities within the team”

“Really beneficial, very positive and motivational.”

“Definitely exceeded expectation. I found it surprisingly informative and have learned a lot.”

“Fun, useful, relevant, great team spirit.”

“Very productive :)”

“A great team builder”


“It was interesting, productive and informative.”

“It was extremely interesting. I learnt a lot about human behaviour and my own brain processes.”


“Go for it.”

“It has been a real insight, extremely useful and looking forward to putting it into practice.”

“What a fantastic and inspirational person Jane is. I would enjoy participating again. Thank you.”

“It was fantastic”

“Very informative, very interesting. Would love to learn more about this subject.”

“Everyone should have training in NLP – so very useful in work, home and play. Many thanks – worth missing the sun for.”

“It was fantastic, kept me interested.”

“It’s a must to attend, helps to understand other people. I’m glad I came.”

“It was excellent, very useful.”

“Interesting, inspiring!”

“Attend – very interesting – and will be helpful at home and work.”

“It was very interesting.”

“Well worth attending, makes you think about yourself”

“It’s a positive approach and can be incorporated daily to get the best out of you and others.”

“It’s definitely a course for all the team.”

“You will be able to apply methods to help your patient relax and feel more confident
about their treatment. Also in your personal life it will help to be more confident and influential.”

“Very useful seminar, very informative.”

“Worth listening to what Banks want from us.”

“Would recommend.”

“Worth it!”

I felt inspired, motivated, and ready to get things done with my action plan.

K Piotrowska-Zolna,

“Jane came to our Study Club to deliver a session on ‘Speaking Your Patients’ Language’. All I can say is that we were all utterly enthralled. I have never seen the room so energised and excited to learn. We weren’t sure what to expect, but this was the ideal introduction to these techniques. Jane brings a wealth of knowledge which makes her the perfect person to teach these skills to the dental profession. Not many topics can engage every person in the room like this did. Our whole team can’t wait for more!”

Sonya Schofield Hamill

“Thank you very much for last night. Having spoken to a couple of people from our team this morning, they are telling me how energised they were by the session; they couldn’t sleep because they felt so awake and had so many ideas were running through their minds. I know it will be the same for everyone else as well.
We are really looking forward to arranging to see you for a much longer session.”

Sonya Schofield Hamill

It has only been two months and with your help we have reactivated an amazing £20,000 worth of treatment with just a few phone calls.

Thank you very much for the clarity, focus and quick and easy solutions to reach my goals. I wish I had started working with again earlier.

Everyone at the practice is enjoying work more.”

Priti, Dentist Harrow

Interesting well-presented effective new useful more of this please relevant enthusiastic valuable
A very good session
Can we have some NLP please
Ended too soon
Good content
Very, very good
Some useful tips
Was very interesting

Some feedback from the FD1 trainers in the West Midlands area Train the trainer day

Light bulb moment – changes lives not just work, all your life for the better.
N Sizer, Dental Rep

Helpful and eye opening

M Keady Principal Dentist

GO! Get the maximum from this excellent training day. V. Good thank you.


Very informative, made me think about how a practice runs


Jane was brilliant!

S Howat, Nurse

Good exercises in groups, was very clear and I learnt a lot, it was a friendly fun atmosphere with laughter and good activities – good feed back

H Salisbury

It was tailored for our needs – where so many courses are not! Fabulous Training – Thank You!

G Swinson Practice Manager

A must have!
Great to have the team think along the same lines and become proactive

R Swinson, Dentist

I felt inspired, motivated, and ready to get things done with my action plan.

K Piotrowska-Zolna,

It is interesting

P Polgar, Dentist

Very good, a good chance to get things out. Jane is a passionate educator

M Whyley, Trainee Dental Nurse

It was very useful, I learned a lot

C Jennings Receptionist

It was interesting and it pointed out what systems were failing in our practice

A Medlicott, Reception Manager

It was useful

D Thacci, Dentist

It makes you re-evaluate your values and time lines, and makes me think about why I do things and how I do them.

M Keady, Dental Principal

Life changing for the better

N Sizer, Dental Rep

“Thanks for teleseminar -Good stuff- making marketing a lot clearer”

PJ dental Principal Harrow

Thank you Jane for YOUR time. Your teleseminars are great for self improvement and I always find them very insightful.

Chantelle – The Dental agency

….gets clarity of objectives

Dr P O’R, Dentist – Dublin

There is so much to learn!

Dr K O’B, Dentist, Dublin

Great stuff – Thought provoking – will see her again

Dr R A Dentist, Dublin

Thought provoking – Pandora’s box!

Dr A M, Dentist, Dublin

It is an interesting exercise

Dr T H Orthodontist, Dublin

Great to get you thinking about how your practice operates

Dr E O’R, Prosteodontist, Dublin

Come to it with an open mind and no preconceptions

Anonymous, Dublin


CM, Dental Nurse, Dublin

Very interesting and helped you to look at the practice more objectively

G R Accountant, Dublin

Very beneficial and helpful

J C Dental Nurse, Dublin

It was very well done, brought a lot of fresh ideas to the workplace, improved systems and helped introduce new systems to help solve current problems. Overall an enjoyable day for staff.

GW Dental Nurse, Dublin

Great will need more sessions to get it right

Dr R A Dentist, Dublin

Be open minded, and participate for max benefit

Dr A M, Dentist, Dublin

Well worth it!

Dr K O’B, Dentist, Dublin

Give it a go!

L P, Practice Manager, Dublin

Start of a journey!

E O’R, Dentist, Dublin

It was good – we now need more follow through!

S D, Dental Nurse, Dublin

It’s very interesting to know the keys about the rules in the practice between the Dentist, PTE and the staff

G O’R, Dental Nurse, Dublin


It was really useful and interesting! Try it and see!

H Huseyin, Practice Manger, Surrey

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