Marketing tips for business people

Marketing and sales are a vital part of running any business and dental practices are no exception. Below are just a few recommendations – are you doing these?


  • Inform your clients of all the services you offer
  • Make it easy for clients to pay – by instalments, credit cards or interest free credit
  • Enrol the entire team as your sales force, providing sales training
  • Measure your sales conversions
  • If customers don’t want your product/service now ask “when would be the right time to contact you again to discuss it?” Note the date in the diary and contact them
  • Create a system to follow up customers/clients not yet converted
  • Create a system for after sales feedback, requesting testimonials and referrals


  • Be very clear about who your target market is
  • Create an impactful brand identity that attracts your target market
  • Ensure that all your marketing follows the brand
  • Have a website that attracts your target market
  • Ask successful clients for testimonials and referrals
  • Join local networking groups
  • Develop strategic alliances with other businesses who sell to your target market

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